HellerFilings.org is a project of the A-Mark Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) private foundation established in 1997. 

Our goals: Help a few people and organizations that serve a charitable, educational or humanitarian purpose; Produce and support research on diverse topics, usually with national public policy implications.


Methodology and Policies

  1. Formatting Policies – Charts and lists are not uniform in appearance because they contain different lengths and different data.


A. Long charts and lists may appear as a PDF to scroll through:

– Example of Page with long chart or list as a PDF scroll: 65 restrictions on arms in place on Dec. 15, 1791″ – “VI. Summaries of the 143 Militia & Arms Laws and their 84 additional Sections of those laws”


B. Shorter charts and lists may appear within a page either pasted as an image or created from another source and pasted into the page:

– Example of Page with chart copied and pasted from another source: Ten laws requiring individuals to have and carry arms, no longer valid by Dec. 15, 1791″

– Example of Page with chart inserted as an image from another source: A 2015 comparison of guns deaths per capita in U.S. states versus the number of eight gun laws in those states”